Perimeter Security System

Be it a commercial property or a home, perimeter security is paramount to ensure the safety of persons and assets. With a broad variety of solutions that operate in the latest technology, including 3G, 4G and broadband, we deliver complete safety in any circumstance.

With MeON by your side, you can be assured of reliable site monitoring 365 × 24 × 7. A careful choice needs to be made based on a variety of considerations, including topography, threat perceived, climatic conditions and budget constraints. Our obligation free analysis and quote and unrivalled customer support at every step are guaranteed to deliver the solution that best fits your needs and requirements.

Be it an overt or a covert solution, MeON’s expertise is there for you. To discuss your requirements further, contact us today!

Door Entry Alarm

We understand that door entry alarm requirements differ between homes and also between home owners, apartments and commercial establishments. In helping end users make sense of the plethora of options and delivering an enduring and effective solution is our forte.

Be it protection of the home, of employees, property or sensitive business information, MeON is your assured partner in success.

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CCTV Camera Surveillance

MeON offers end to end CCTV camera solutions including installation, monitoring solutions and maintenance. Our comprehensive solution is based on an in-depth analysis and works to eliminate all blind spots.

As leaders and innovators in the security industry, MeON is proud to present a range of powerful and affordable HD security solutions that leave nothing to the imagination. View your world with the vigilance of a hawk through the watchful eye of MeON’s HD security solutions. Included HD cameras are fully weatherproof and include long-range night vision. MeON’s HD security systems can be separated into three main categories: analog, digital IP, and wireless. Each type of system comes with a professional grade DVR (analog / wireless) or NVR (digital IP) that can store days or weeks (even months) of HD security footage and can be accessed remotely so you can stay connected from virtually anywhere in the world.

Our offering encompasses bespoken solutions for any scale right from individual home owners to large establishments and we ably match the latest technology with your specific needs and requirements.

Effective, affordable and complete…with crisp images and live feeds, our CCTV camera and surveillance solutions are amongst the best in Dubai. Contact us now to know more!

Additional MeON Advantages

  • MeON DMCC is, Dubai Protective System Approved. CCTV Installer and Annual Maintenance Contractor.
  • MeON’s engineers and technicians are certified by Dubai Protective System authority and undergo their regular training and tests
  • Competitive offer and service for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for shopping malls, shops, schools, warehouses, organizations and other establishments.
  • If the customer needs to obtain necessary approvals on security services from government authorities, MeON’s annual maintenance contract will suffice.

Burglar Alarm

Be it a home or a business, unauthorized access is a pain point to avoid. Any burglary has extreme emotional and financial damage, coupled with disruption. MeON’s innovative and integrated burglar alarm systems are dedicated to providing 365 × 24 × 7 safety and security.

Every home and business has a specific need. With our years of experience and unique insight, we deliver on the most suitable combination of equipment to protect you best. Our burglar alarms are active deterrents, easy to monitor and deliver the latest technology…all to your very finger tips.

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Online Security Control

How do you know if your near and dear ones are safe, when you are on an overseas trip? How does one protect against theft and burglary in real time? This is where the power of technology comes in and MeON helps you master this completely.

Key Advantages of our systems include

  • Access on your mobile, laptop, tablet or any other portable devise, the security systems of your home.
  • On time and real time streaming
  • Access anywhere from the world

Take no chances with the security of your home or your business. Install our systems and have complete peace of mind. Contact us now for an obligation free quote!

Glass Breaking Alarm

Glass has become a common building material nowadays. While the façade and function are beautiful, there is a security risk with using glass as a primary material. This is where glass breaking alarms come in. MeON understands the key challenges you encounter due to unauthorised access and our glass breaking alarm solutions are amongst the best in Dubai and emirates. With outstanding reliability, you are assured of a credible layer of perimeter security.

Our commitment and engagement at every step means that you get the best value for money and latest cutting-edge solution to your needs.

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